About Me

Hi, I’m Edwin Rydberg.

I enjoy digital artwork and photography, and I also create book covers.


I love photography and the idea that it’s possible to freeze a moment in time forever.

My preferred topics for photographing are unusual settings I find, either in cities or in nature. I also love the wonder of form in both the minutia of insects and flowers, to the vast shapes and shadows of the clouds. In addition, I enjoy capturing moments of speed and drama, which has led me to be involved in photographing the games of a local under 11 football team.

Digital Artwork

I got into digital artwork when I started publishing anthologies, back in 2009 and I loved it, how it was possible to create something fantastic that didn’t exist but look like a photo of something that did. I continued improving my skills and knowledge of digital artwork until recently, when I’ve begun spending more time on my writing. I still use what I’ve learned for the preparation of my book covers, however.

Book Covers

I enjoy preparing book covers. They’re a natural meeting place between my artwork and my writing. While I’ve done a few covers for others, most of the covers I do are for my own books.